Who we are


MUNDIFER Engineering is a company developing engineering, manufacturing and assembly solutions for metallic structures. In the metallic structure sector since 2012, MUNDIFER Engineering takes on a mission to transform the specific needs of each client into differential and optimised solutions, through the experience of its highly quality teams, based on innovative countries and quality products, complying with the highest quality standards-
Within the highly competitive metallic construction sector, MUNDIER Engineering intends to distinguish itself from others and to be a reference in the national and international markets, sustained by the work of expert teams.


MUNDIFER Engineering, created in 2012, is the outcome of its creators’ experience in the metallic structure sector.
To address market failures within the metallic structure sector, of solutions and innovative products, and as a result of several partnerships, MUNDIFER Engineering, which despite its youth and innovative spirit, has the work experience, competence and reliability of its sector partners.
As the landmark of our international expansion, the company is developing several projects and partnerships in Europe and Africa. It started in Mozambique and, at the moment, it is in the markets of France, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria.
In order to keep up with innovation, we invest in research and development in partnership with universities.


Offer our clients with the best solutions and innovative products in metallic structures, complying with the highest quality standards, social and environmental responsibility, meeting the specific needs of each client, always searching for experience.


To be a global reference company within the metallic structure sector, promoting sustainable development, resource rationalisation and environmental protection.


We intend to add value to our clients, to the company and to our partners supported by innovation, dynamics, professionalism, perfection and commitment from all our employees.
The promotion of competitiveness and growth of MUNDIFER Engineering is based on entrepreneurship, creativity, commitment with the established goals and ability to work in a team, combined with a strong investment in technical training.
The motivation and experience of human resources are one of its great advantages, since these enable it to respond quickly to the individual needs of clients, in terms of solution flexibility, meeting deadlines and work and product quality.