A good project is the one presenting the best constructive solution combined with optimisation of deadlines and costs.

The material to use in the structure composition of a building is one of the most significant decisions of the project. The choice has direct impacts in the design of the building, as well as in performance and costs.

The delivery of an economic project, with the most adequate technical solutions to the work and the place is one of MUNDIFER Engineering’s concerns, creating metallic structures detail projects for manufacturing and assembly in all segments, and developing 2D and 3D projects, aiming at economy, performance, quality, flexibility and control, as well as giving material check-lists, screws, manufacture drawings for the stages of the project.

The Engineering products are:

– Mixed metallic structure project
– Feasibility studys
– Project management
– Decision support analysis
– Project sizing and optimisation
– Establishment of details and constructive solutions
– Structure modelling in CAD 2D and 3D tools
– Detail and manufacture project